Avaya BotConnector Snap-in

Latest Release: 3.10 (January 2023)

Release 3.10

Avaya BotConnector Snap-in Release 3.10 was made generally available in January 2023. This is the latest release of the Avaya BotConnector Snap-in and is recommended for new development.

Compatibility and Interoperability

Avaya BotConnector Snap-in Release 3.10 interoperates with the following Avaya product releases:

  • Avaya Automated Chat 2.0
  • Avaya Breeze Platform
  • Avaya Aura System Manager 10.1
  • Avaya Oceana Solution 3.10
  • Avaya Engagement Designer 3.8.1

Release history

Generally Available

End of Sale Jan 2023 (view notice)

End of Sale Jul 2022 (view notice)

End of Support Jan 2022 (view notice)

The following resources should be used with the Avaya BotConnector Snap-in Release 3.10:

Software Development Kits

Developer & Product Documentation