Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in

Latest Release: 3.10 (January 2023)


The Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in enables an organization's contact center agents and its customers to browse pages on its Web site simultaneously. Agents can thereby help customers navigate the site, complete on-line forms, understand content, etc.


  • The Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in exposes a client-side JavaScript API that is used to access its services.
  • The Basic Reporting and Audit ReST APIs return information about historical and active co-browsing sessions.
  • A co-browsing session can be initiated by the agent or by the customer, and control exchanged between them. The participant controlling a session can highlight static text.
  • The ability to mask sensitive data on Web pages ensures customers have data privacy and security.
Avaya Co-browsing Snap-in


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