Avaya Engagement Designer

Latest Release: 3.8.1 (April 2021)

Product Overview

Avaya Engagement Designer is an Avaya Oceana Solution snap-in that enables Business Analysts and other non-developers to create Workflow Definitions that describe and execute business processes. A Workflow Definition comprises a series of connected events and tasks.


  • The Engagement Designer graphical user interface provides a palette of available events, tasks, decision gates and data that are dragged onto the canvas and linked to construct a Workflow Definition.
  • A standard set of tasks is supported by the Avaya Breeze Platform, on which Engagement Designer is deployed; additional tasks may be provided by other snap-ins deployed and licensed in the environment.
  • Engagement Designer provides built-in editors and tools that make it easy to create data schema, map data across workflows, validate workflows and deploy Workflow Definitions.
  • Each Workflow Definition is itself deployed as a snap-in.
  • Developers can create their own dynamic tasks for use in Workflow Definitions.
Collaboration Designer
Engagement Designer workflow


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