Release 3.10

Avaya Oceana Solution 3.10 was made generally available in January 2023. This is the latest release of the Avaya Oceana Solution and is recommended for new development.

New in Release 3.10

Avaya Oceana Solution release 3.10 introduced the following new and enhanced features:

  • Enhanced support for Ad hoc email creates and sends by an agent.
  • Added support for tracking In focus and Out of focus agent contact in a multiplicity scenario.
  • Introduced a new parameter, concurrent active contacts per agent, which can range from 1 to 20 per agent.
  • Enhanced channel interruptibility for generic and video channels.
  • Increased the number of contacts to 20 that agents can handle simultaneously.
  • Enhanced Support for Last Agent Routing capabilities.
  • Introduced support for multiple WhatsApp numbers and Facebook business pages.
  • Added multireply feature support in the CustomerJourney widget.
  • Introduced support for supervisors to observe, coach, and barge-in to the agent calls for social channel.
  • Increased the priority range fto 1-100 across all channel types.
  • Introduced the ability for contact center users to update or change the customer attributes from the customer management widget.
  • Introduced two Inactivity Timeout settings in Avaya Analytics for user session idle time and web session idle time.
  • Added new workrequestID in the profanity filter for all messages sent from EndUser to Agent.
  • Added the option to configure start-up messages for a specific channel types.
  • Increased digital channel support maximum capacities for all digital channels to 15,000 contacts per hour.

For more information about new and enhanced features in this release, see the Solution Description, which is available under Downloads.

Release 3.10 includes the following releases of components that provide programming interfaces available through DevConnect:

Release history

Generally Available

End of Support Dec 2023 (view notice)

End of Support Jul 2023 (view notice)

End of Support Sep 2021 (view notice)

Assisted Chat Client APIs

Reference Clients

WebRTC Voice Client APIs

Beginning with release 3.8, the Avaya WebRTC Connect SDK replaces the Avaya Oceana Web, Voice, and Video SDK. Get the latest Avaya WebRTC Connect SDK here.

Avaya Digital Connector (Messaging) APIs

Generic Channel APIs

Sample Customer Journey Workflow

Postman Collections