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Proactive Contact Agent API


The Agent API is a set of commands and event notifications that enable application developers to create custom agent applications that automate many of the tasks that agents perform and that provide a customized user interface for handling Avaya Proactive Contact agent operations. Agent applications logged into Proactive Contact are used by agents to work with customers. Custom agent applications can include buttons, menus and other controls available in the development environment to simplify and speed up agent tasks. In addition to the Agent API, Windows developers have access to the optional dialog boxes provided by the Moagent32.dll. Agents use dialog boxes to enter information that the agent binary will pass to Proactive Contact.

The Agent API supports automation of agent tasks such as:

  • Logging in and logging out
  • Selecting and joining a job
  • Releasing telephone lines and transferring calls
  • Releasing customer records and selecting messages to play
  • Adjusting headset volumes

The Avaya Proactive Contact Agent API is a COM (Component Object Model) compliant DLL (MOAgent32.dll). Agent applications written with the Agent API interact with an agent binary process running on the Avaya Proactive Contact system.

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