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Proactive Contact Event Service API


The Event Service API provides access to real-time events and statistical information about an Avaya Proactive Contact system. Applications can use the Event Services API to monitor and track the status of jobs, agents and calls in the system. The client application registers to receive events that it is interested in. Information specific to each type of event is provided with the event notification.

  • Call events supply applications with information about the various states an inbound or outbound call can progress through. Depending on the call event being reported, information about the call trunk, ANI, DNIS, associated job name and number, and agent identification is provided with the event.
  • Agent events provide information about agent activities. Each agent event contains agent identification information such as the agent id, headset extension, dialer and switch the agent is logged into. Additional information is reported specific to the agent event and may include the job name, number and job type, the device and equipment id the agent is using, and call identification and completion information if the agent is associated on a call.
  • Job events provide common job identification information including the dialer id and the job number. Additional information is provided depending on the event being reported. This may include the job type, list name and number of records selected, available inbound and outbound lines, agent activity and data on line usage and call hit rates.
  • Real-time statistics are organized into four categories: system, job, agent and phone line. Applications request statistical information from the event service and specify how often and which statistics are of interest.

The Event Service SDK contains the IDLs for the Event Service, the ORB (ACE5.4+TAO1.4) tar file, Makefiles and directions for building the ORB and sample client code on HPUX 11.11 and Win2K.

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