The Agent Desktop APIs support the creation of custom desktop applications that enable agents to interact with Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) for agent-based campaigns. The agent can submit commands to POM via the desktop to, for example, hold, unhold, transfer and conference calls, create callbacks, get contact details, etc.; POM returns responses to the commands and can also send call notifications, agent state change notifications, etc. to the desktop.

Commands are submitted by invoking the methods of the POMAgent class from the desktop. Responses and notifications are handled by implementing the POMAgentHandlerInterface methods in the desktop.

The Agent Desktop interface is available either in the form of .NET APIs provided as Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) or via JAVA APIs. The APIs can be used to create agent desktop applications that are either:

  • Thick clients, with a one-to-one connection to the POM server, or
  • Thin clients, with a one-to-many connection from the POM server to the desktop through a proxy component, for browser-based deployments.

Commands that can be invoked from the desktop

Agent Log on Agent Log off
Change agent state Hold customer call
Unhold customer call Release line to disconnect customer call
Get custom codes for current campaign Wrap-up customer call
Extend wrap-up time Consult another party
Transfer consultation call Cancel consultation call
Start a conference End a conference
Transfer conference ownership Redial customer in wrap-up mode
Send DTMF Get callback types for the current job
Get destinations for a callback type Create a callback
Get error code details Accept and dial a preview contact
Cancel a preview contact Get contact details
Set contact details Blend to inbound or outbound
Add an agent note Refresh agent notes
Get supported time zones for callbacks Indicate that agent is available for nail-up
Indicate that an agent is ready for nail-up Indicate that nail-up was lost

Events that can be notified to the desktop

The agent state has changed New call between the agent and a contact
Customer has disconnected a call A consultation call has been invoked
A consultation call has been cancelled A consultation call has been transferred
A conference has started A conference has ended
A conference's ownership has changed The agent's capabilities have changed
The nail-up state of the agent has changed The state of a call has changed
A call has started or stopped being recorded A redial or preview dial has failed
A consultation dial has failed A consultation call is pending
A pending consultation call has been transferred POM has become, or stopped being, available
A callback is pending The agent has logged out
The cancel consultation command can be enabled

The Agent Desktop APIs SDK and its documentation, including the Developer's Guide for Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager, are available for download from the Release page for the latest release.