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Proactive Outreach Manager


DevConnect supports the following Proactive Outreach Manager (POM) interfaces:

POM Pluggable Data Connector

The Proactive Outreach Manager Pluggable Data Connector (POM PDC) is an Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer plug-in that enables Orchestration Designer to interface and integrate with Proactive Outreach Manager. The POM PDC extends the functionality of the Data node palette of the Graphical Call flow editor in Orchestration Designer.
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Agent Desktop APIs

The POM Agent Desktop APIs supports the creation of custom desktop clients that enable agents to interact with Proactive Outreach Manager. The agent can submit commands to POM via the desktop to, for example, hold, unhold, transfer and conference calls; POM returns responses to the commands and can also send call notifications, agent state change notifications, etc. to the desktop. Starting with POM release 3.1, a JAVA-based version of this interface has been introduced, with equivalent functionality to the existing .net SDK.
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Event SDK

The Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager Event SDK provides a JAVA-based client for monitoring and reporting real-time operations. The Event SDK abstracts out all internal communication between POM and the messaging system to provide a cleaner, easy-to-use interface to clients while enabling the client to monitor the POM system. For more information, see the Proactive Outreach Manager Event SDK Developer's Guide, available under Downloads - Event SDK for the release you are using.

POM Web Services

Proactive Outreach Manager hosts SOAP/WSDL-based Web services that enable client applications to access Proactive Outreach Manager features and functionality programmatically: the Agent API Web service and the Campaign Management Web service. Starting with POM release 3.1, equivalent REST web services are provided.
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Call Recorder API

Introduced in Release 3.0.4, the Call Recorder API enables integration of third-party call recording applications with Proactive Outreach Manager. The call recording applications can connect over a TCP or TLS connection. For more information, see the Proactive Outreach Manager and Call Recorder Integration guide, available under Downloads - Call Recording API for the release you are using.

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