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Proactive Outreach Manager

Release 2.0

Proactive Outreach Manager Release 2.0 was made generally available in June 2010; Service Pack 5 was issued in December 2012. This is NOT the latest release of Proactive Outreach Manager; the latest release should be used for new development.

New In This Release

New features in Proactive Outreach Manager Release 2.0 include:

  • Compatibility with Dialog Designer Release 5.1.
  • New Campaign Management API Web service that enables client applications to access call pacing features.
  • Localization files now installed as part of Proactive Outreach Manager installation.
  • New AvayaPOMAnnouncement application can be used to play prerecorded prompts.
  • Support for localized date and time formats.

Service Pack 1 introduced:

  • New Agent API Web service methods to delete contacts and add contact groups to running jobs and campaigns.
  • New Campaign Management API Web service methods to run campaigns, pause jobs, resume paused jobs, stop jobs and get campaign job information.

Service Pack 5 introduced:

  • FCC compliance.
  • Return codes and Fault messages for Agent API Web service have been updated.
  • Updated documentation, including the Developer's Guide and Overview.

POM PDC Software

The JAR file that comprises the Proactive Outreach Manager 2.0 Pluggable Data Connector plug-in for Dialog Designer is available for download from the Avaya Support web site.

Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation