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Proactive Outreach Manager

Release 3.0

Proactive Outreach Manager Release 3.0 was made generally available in February 2014; Feature Pack 4 (Release 3.0.4) was issued in December 2016; Service Pack 5 (Release 3.0.5) was issued in February 2017. This is NOT the latest release of Proactive Outreach Manager; the latest release is recommended for new development.

New In This Release

Release 3.0 Feature Pack 4

New and enhanced features in Proactive Outreach Manager Release 3.0.4 include:

  • Call Recorder API enables integration of third-party call recording applications with Proactive Outreach Manager, via a TCP or TLS connection.
  • Filtering: Dynamic filtering and sorting of records is now a default feature. Contact records can be excluded from filtered dialing lists.
  • Rule Editor can be used to configure rules to restrict contact attempts.
  • Background call classification can be performed whereby the actions that need to be taken on detection of an answering machine are provided as a configurable feature from campaign strategy.

For more information about these and other enhancements in the feature pack, see Chapter 2 of the Overview and Specification guide for Release 3.0.4.

Release 3.0 Feature Pack 2

New and enhanced features in Proactive Outreach Manager Release 3.0.2 include:

  • Users can optionally configure secure connection over HTTPS to the Avaya Aura Contact Center Administration (CCMA) Web service.
  • Contact import speed has been improved by up to 90%.
  • Users can edit the SQL query for database type of data source.
  • Enhanced serial dialing.
  • Enhanced stop job design for efficient agent utilization.
  • New field “Attribute for Sender’s Address”.
  • Enhanced blending parameter configuration.
  • New operators for record selection in the campaign creation wizard.

Release 3.0 Feature Pack 1

Feature Pack 1 introduces integration with Avaya Aura Contact Center to support agent-based campaigns, with preview, progressive and predictive dialing modes.

Release 3.0

New features in Proactive Outreach Manager Release 3.0 include:

  • Proactive Outreach Manager integrates with Call Center Elite to support agent-based campaigns, with preview, progressive and predictive dialing modes.
  • New Agent Desktop APIs enable the development of customized agent desktops for agent-based campaigns - for details see Chapter 5 of the Developer Guide for Proactive Outreach Manager, available under Downloads - Agent Desktop API.
  • Unified system for agent-based and agent-less communication.
  • Inbound and outbound agent blending.
  • Email and two–way SMS.
  • Agent-less communications while integrating with Avaya Call Center Elite or Avaya Aura Contact Center, for skill-based pacing.
  • Real-time and historical reports for campaign and agent utilization.
  • Call recording with Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR).
  • Zones and geo-redundancy.
  • Communication Server 1000 certification for automated notification campaigns.
  • VMware certified.

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