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Avaya Vantage

Release 1.1

Avaya Vantage Release 1.1 was made generally available in March 2018. This is NOT the latest release of Avaya Vantage. The latest release is recommended for new development.

New In This Release

Release 1.1 ( Build)

Avaya Vantage Basic includes the following new and enhanced features:

  • Support of Mobile sync over Bluetooth.
  • Support of Aura contacts and call history.
  • Alpha bar added to contacts.
  • New parameters, see 46xxsettings for further details.

For more information about what is new in these releases, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads - Release Information tab and the User Guide available under the Downloads - Product Documentation tab.

Release Information

Product Documentation

Avaya Vantage Basic complete source code and javadocs are provided. A class diagram (ClassDiagram.bmp) is also included in the source code zip file. The associated Avaya Breeze® Client SDK for Android must be downloaded separately.

The Getting Started Guide provides instructions on how to establish a developer environment for the Avaya Vantage Basic Source Code. The Getting Started video offers a visual walkthrough of the steps covered in the Getting Started Guide. [NOTE: There is NO audio track associated with this video clip].

Release Summary

Release Status

Generally Available
Latest Release