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Avaya Vantage


Release 3.0

Avaya Vantage K175 Device Release 3 was made generally available in October 2020; Avaya Vantage K155 Device Release 3 was made generally available in December 2020. Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.0 was made generally available in October 2020; Service Pack 1 (Release was issued in January 2021.These are the latest releases of Avaya Vantage Devices and Software and are recommended for new development.

New in this Release

Avaya Vantage Software Release

  • Support for Avaya Vantage K155 Release 3 device
  • Enhancements to the built-in Avaya Spaces application including:
    • Utilization of K175 full screen in portrait mode
    • Ability to return to calendar view from Avaya Spaces
  • Improved camera tuning
  • Installation wizard support for time zone automatic or manual configuration, based on location
  • Improved security
  • A wider camera view for third party applications

Avaya Vantage Release 3.0:

Avaya Vantage Release 3.0 introduces a game-changing, work-from-anywhere, out-of-the-box experience:

  • New hardware and OS for a faster user experience
    • More powerful CPU
    • Android 9 Pie OS
    • High resolution video
    • 4 built-in microphones
    • USB-C support
    • New installation wizard for initial setup and configuration discovery

  • Built-in video and collaboration experience for heightened efficiency and productivity
    • New Android home screen with password and single-sign-on
    • Dialer, History, Contact, and Calendar views
    • Calendar meeting reminders with single-click connection to Avaya or 3rd party meeting services
    • Extend video and sharing over HDMI to an external screen

  • Integration of Avaya Spaces with the Vantage built-in UC experience for seamless collaboration
    • Pre-installed Avaya Spaces app for cloud-based team collaboration and meetings
    • Quick and easy access to Avaya Spaces and notifications, and one-click access to Avaya Spaces meetings from the Calendar
    • Send video and presentations to external screen and/or call participants using Vantage
    • Direct messaging to Avaya Spaces contacts including video messages
    • Record meetings

For more information about what is new in Vantage Release 3.0, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads - Release & Product Information tab.

Note: Avaya Vantage 3 devices require Avaya Vantage software release 3.x. Avaya Vantage 2 devices require Avaya Vantage software release 2.x. Avaya Vantage software release 3.x is not compatible with Avaya Vantage 2 devices.

Release Information

Product Documentation