Release 3.0

Avaya Vantage K175 Device Release 3 was made generally available in October 2020; Avaya Vantage K155 Device Release 3 was made generally available in December 2020. Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.0 was made generally available in October 2020; Service Pack 1 (Release was issued in January 2021; Service Pack 2 (Release was issued in March 2021; Service Pack 3 (Release was issued in April 2021. This is NOT the latest software release of Avaya Vantage. The latest release is recommended for new development.

Features in the new release

Avaya Vantage Software Release

  • Digital Shutter Tile, enabling users to disable the device camera
  • Support for Avaya Spaces digital calling
  • Automatic pairing of Expansion Button Module with built-in UC Experience Client
  • UC Experience Client support for instant messaging when used in Avaya Aura configurations
  • Improved security, with the latest Android security patches

Avaya Vantage Software Release

  • Improved security, with the latest Android security patches
  • Improved 3rd party application camera compatibility

Avaya Vantage Software Release

  • Support for Avaya Vantage K155 Release 3 device
  • Enhancements to the built-in Avaya Spaces application including:
    • Utilization of K175 full screen in portrait mode
    • Ability to return to calendar view from Avaya Spaces
  • Improved camera tuning
  • Installation wizard support for time zone automatic or manual configuration, based on location
  • Improved security
  • A wider camera view for third party applications

Avaya Vantage Release 3.0:

Avaya Vantage Release 3.0 introduces a game-changing, work-from-anywhere, out-of-the-box experience:

  • New hardware and OS for a faster user experience
    • More powerful CPU
    • Android 9 Pie OS
    • High resolution video
    • 4 built-in microphones
    • USB-C support
    • New installation wizard for initial setup and configuration discovery
  • Built-in video and collaboration experience for heightened efficiency and productivity
    • New Android home screen with password and single-sign-on
    • Dialer, History, Contact, and Calendar views
    • Calendar meeting reminders with single-click connection to Avaya or 3rd party meeting services
    • Extend video and sharing over HDMI to an external screen
  • Integration of Avaya Spaces with the Vantage built-in UC experience for seamless collaboration
    • Pre-installed Avaya Spaces app for cloud-based team collaboration and meetings
    • Quick and easy access to Avaya Spaces and notifications, and one-click access to Avaya Spaces meetings from the Calendar
    • Send video and presentations to external screen and/or call participants using Vantage
    • Direct messaging to Avaya Spaces contacts including video messages
    • Record meetings

For more information about what is new in Vantage Release 3.0, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads - Release & Product Information tab.

Note: Avaya Vantage 3 devices require Avaya Vantage software release 3.x. Avaya Vantage 2 devices require Avaya Vantage software release 2.x. Avaya Vantage software release 3.x is not compatible with Avaya Vantage 2 devices.

Release history

End of Support (Earlier Releases)