Release 3.1

Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.1 was made generally available in June 2021; Feature Pack 1 (Release was issued in January 2022. This is the latest software release for Avaya Vantage Device 3 and is recommended for new development.

Features in the new release

Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.1 Feature Pack 1 Service Pack 1:

  • English soft keyboard support for SIP-based platform login regardless of device language.
  • Vantage device firmware upgrade process improvements.
  • Option to permanently disable ADB in settings file until reset to default.
  • Improved security - updated Android patches.

Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.1 Feature Pack 1:

  • Avaya Vantage communication application UI refactor.
  • Improved security - updated Android patches.
  • Support for presentation of different applications on a HDMI-connected screen.
  • Support for firmware cloud updates from Avaya servers.
  • Vantage Transcribe - call transcription and text-to-speech communication for hearing impaired users and others.
  • Bluetooth handset support for Avaya Cloud Office.
  • Support for Vantage as a controller device for Avaya CU360 Videoconferencing endpoint.

Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.1 Service Pack 1:

  • Support for Avaya Equinox Conferencing.
  • Support for Key Usage certificate extension.
  • Updated Android security patches for improved security.

Avaya Vantage Software Release 3.1:

  • New "Quiet Space" feature uses the handsfree microphone to attenuate background noise when a wired RJ-9 or 3.5mm headset or a wired handset is in use.
  • Support of Avaya Device Enrollment Services for software upgrades, software files download, and provisioning of all Avaya Vantage configuration files except the Android APKs, the Avaya Vantage UC Experience branding file, and the companion application branding file.
  • Support for dialing using Avaya URI - Users can quickly dial the numbers for Audio, Video and Conferencing using an Avaya URI.
  • Automatic updates of the built-in Avaya Spaces application from the cloud to introduce new features and bug fixes.
  • Avaya Spaces support for Avaya Vantage device screen sharing during a Spaces meeting.
  • Improved security, with the latest Android security patches.
  • Use of FIPS 140-2 crypto libraries. Refer to product documentation for list of features which use the FIPS 140-2 crypto libraries.

For more information about what is new in Vantage Release 3.1, see the Release Notes available under the Downloads - Product Release Information & Software tab.

Note: Avaya Vantage 3 devices require Avaya Vantage software release 3.x. Avaya Vantage 2 devices require Avaya Vantage software release 2.x. Avaya Vantage software release 3.x is not compatible with Avaya Vantage 2 devices.

Release history

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