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Avaya Vantage™ Basic Source Code

Reference Client

The Avaya Vantage Basic client application (release source code is provided as a reference implementation, which can be used in conjunction with Avaya Breeze Client SDK for Android to create custom voice- and video-enabled applications for the Avaya Vantage Device.

Reference Client

Avaya Vantage Basic source code

Complete source code and javadocs are provided. A class diagram (ClassDiagram.bmp) is also included in the source code zip file. The associated Avaya Breeze Client SDK for Android must be obtained separately.

Release Notes

Please review the Avaya Vantage Basic readme file delivered along with release for known issues not handled with this reference code.

Developer Documentation

Getting Started Guide & Video

The Getting Started Guide provides instructions on how to establish a developer environment for the Avaya Vantage Basic source code. The Getting Started video offers a visual walkthrough of the steps covered in the Getting Started Guide. [NOTE: There is NO audio track associated with this video clip].

Product Documentation

Avaya Vantage Basic Client User Guide

Avaya Vantage Installation & Administration Guide