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Avaya Videoconferencing Endpoints

Control Applications for Avaya Room Systems

XT Series and Avaya Collaboration Unit CU360

Management of the XT Series and CU360 video conferencing systems through AMX, Crestron and Extron control devices provides an opportunity for Avaya's network of channel partners and systems integrators to deliver customized solutions incorporating the Avaya videoconferencing devices and control of other automated systems within their state-of-the-art conference rooms.

Avaya's flexible approach in supporting all three of the leading control vendors enables partners to meet the unique requirements of each customer deployment. AV integrators can now offer a single point of control for the XT Series and CU360 video conferencing systems as well as room elements such as lighting, window fixtures, displays, projectors and screens, speakers, microphones, presentation computers, and other peripherals. Customers can define the user experience that fits their conference room and be offered a distinct customized control experience for the video conferencing system and its environs.


  • Software is available for skilled systems integrators to minimize the effort required to integrate the CU360 Collaboration Unit and XT Series (XT4000 Series, XT Executive 240, XT5000 Series and XT7000 Series) with the control applications
  • Working samples for AMX and Crestron are available under the RELEASES information
  • Updated drivers for Extron control devices are available on the Extron support website (
  • IR simulator downloads include a capture file of the IR signals from the XT Series remote control; these are difficult to acquire using AMX or Crestron capture programs
  • Serial connectivity requires a USB-to-serial RS232 adapter. USB-to-serial adapters based on FTD chipset are supported. The Aten UC-232A has been tested and qualified with XT Series in the Avaya laboratories.

DevConnect Compliance Testing

IMPORTANT: DevConnect does not provide compliance testing of solutions that use the XT Series and CU360 Control APIs.

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