DevConnect Support


Avaya offers a variety of support options to members. Base registered level members have access to online Tier 1 & 2 support and the option to purchase Tier 3 & 4 support on a time-and-materials basis for further development support.

Support-enabled Membership

This membership level provides a block of DevConnect Enhanced Technical Support hours to the member for a fee. Enhanced Technical Support provides Tier 1 to 4 technical support for application development, including troubleshooting, log file analysis, code analysis and other deeper levels of engagement by DevConnect Technical Support Engineers. Support-enabled Registered Membership upgrades are available for all types of Registered Level DevConnect members. Read the Join the Program section of Program & Benefits for more details.

Read the Support FAQ

Before requesting support, please read the DevConnect Support FAQ. This FAQ has all the details on the DevConnect technical support process, including:

  • What types of support are provided
  • What information to include in a technical support ticket
  • How long does it take for a response
  • How to follow up on responses
  • How membership levels affect technical support options
  • How technical support is deducted from your account
  • How to purchase additional technical support time

Read the Technical Support FAQ

Check Which Avaya Platform Interfaces are Eligible for Technical Support

Interfaces Available for DevConnect Compliance Testing and Technical Support

Check on the Status of Current Technical Support Requests

Use the following link to get the current status of any current Technical Support Requests for any of your solutions.

Get the Status of Current Technical Support Requests

In addition to our standard DevConnect Support options members can utilize the following channels for support help and resources.


The DevConnect Program hosted forums provide developers online message boards for interacting with other DevConnect members to discuss development issues.
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Product FAQs

The product FAQs are great place to start when trying to find answers about a specific product platform or interface.
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Product Support Notifications

Avaya Product Notices are published on the Avaya Support site and are not normally replicated on the DevConnect portal. However, Avaya provides an E-Notifications service that makes it easy for you to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information concerning the Avaya products you are working with.
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Non-DevConnect Support Resources

While we strive to provide our members with the best support services, there are always times we can't provide advice and guidance. Look through these resources to leverage the larger Avaya community of customers, channel partners, technology partners and developers.
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