DevConnect Support - SSO Login


If you use Avaya Single Sign On (SSO) to sign into the DevConnect portal, the sign-in process will be modified slightly, requiring your full email address at sign on. The following are the steps required in the new Avaya SSO sign-on process.

Enter the full email address associated with your Avaya SSO account, e.g.,

Click Next.

Enter your password, and click "Sign On".

The next time you attempt to log into the portal, the browser may remember your email address. Your initial prompt look like this:

Click beside the email address to proceed to the password prompt.


Scenario 1 – Incorrect email / password

In the case of an incorrect password, the system will prompt you to re-enter the password.

If the wrong email address was entered, refresh the browser page using the browser tools and start the Avaya SSO login sequence again. Click the “Use another account” link to enter the correct email associated with your Avaya SSO account.

Scenario 2 – SSO Login processing error

In this case click “Login” in the blue bar, and then “SSO Login” to repeat the login sequence. Typically, the second attempt through the login sequence will work. If the system continues to loop through the login process without success, clear the cookies in your browser and re-attempt the login.

Scenario 3 – Page access error

You may see this page when an error occurs during the login process. Note that the blue bar at the top of the page indicates that you are logged in. The error page was incorrectly displayed and you may navigate to the page, or click the source URL you used (e.g., from email), and the appropriate page should open in another browser window.