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Forum Index » JTAPI » Drop call answered on a shared line from application using JTAPI   XML
Author Message

Joined: 22/05/2014 06:18:36
Messages: 52


1. A and B (Primary) share a line
2. C makes a call to B
3. A picks up the call
4. A is unable to end the call using our JTAPI application

However, the call can be cleared from the device using the drop button.

Error received is : 107: Exception occured processing call control by TSAPI

Any help would be appreciated.


Joined: 12/12/2013 07:15:36
Messages: 21

Can you provide more details about how you are attempting to end the call in your JTAPI application?

Also, the error message doesn't seem to be from JTAPI. Do you have any more details about the error, such as the stack trace? You can enable JTAPI trace logging to get more details about the error, refer to the JTAPI Programmer's Guide for details.

Joined: 22/05/2014 06:18:36
Messages: 52

Thanks Shantanu for the reply.

We are using disconnect JTAPI method to drop the call.

The error stack trace is: ClearConnection Exception Occured
com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.TsapiPlatformException: clearConnection failure
at com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.impl.core.TSConnection.disconnect(
at com.avaya.jtapi.tsapi.impl.TsapiConnection.disconnect(

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