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Avaya Breeze Platform
Avaya Breeze
552 2516 16/11/2022 05:14:21
Eddie_Jiang Generic API question
Engagement Designer
This forum focuses on the use of the Engagement Designer workflow design tool, used in conjunction with the Engagement Development Platform and other related snap-ins.
280 1448 27/10/2022 08:26:19
Karthi.ariraman How to check day of week and time check in ED.
WebRTC Connect
8 20 13/06/2022 09:10:54
AlexandreMedeiros Iphone and Android Reference Clients gives media error when connect
Avaya Client SDK
Avaya Client SDK - General
Use this forum to post general questions about developing custom clients using the Avaya Client SDK (formerly Avaya Breeze Client SDK), and to share answers with fellow DevConnect members and Avaya engineers.
407 1644 22/11/2022 08:06:10
PatrickZhang Does CSDK support up to date OS version?
Client development for Avaya Vantage devices
This sub-forum is intended specifically to support application development using the Avaya Client SDK for Avaya Vantage devices, including questions regarding the Avaya Vantage Basic sample client code provided by Avaya.
6 12 09/03/2022 00:22:55
Fuqua15 Avaya Vantage Contact customization
Avaya Workspaces
Workspaces Widget Development
21 44 06/09/2022 19:31:37
Bud_member Focus To A Specific Widget
Avaya Orchestration Designer
Avaya Orchestration Designer
3916 18602 02/12/2022 07:03:14
Reegz Getting Choice description from previous menu
Avaya Orchestration Designer/Dialog Designer (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
8059 43614 31/10/2013 16:23:25
NeilGoldsmith DbProxy throws ClassNotFoundException in Application Simulator
Proactive Outreach Manager
305 648 01/12/2022 02:25:16
RajaMohammed agen:AttributeObj parameter is not accessible from OD code
Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services
Server Platform
158 613 24/10/2022 21:28:35
Shou-JenChi AES TSAPI got "could not be decoded; it is not valid for private data versions 2-12"
731 3273 26/09/2022 03:12:20
MartinFlynn Avaya Agent Softphone configured for SIP, AnswerCall is not working
587 2165 30/11/2022 05:50:59
MartinFlynn After initializing JTAPI client, it resets applications logger
Web Services
239 831 03/11/2022 09:46:15
JohnBiggs Avaya Aura® System Manager User management web services 10.1 String lookup gets No Data
AE Services General (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
1140 5605 31/10/2013 17:20:23
JohnBiggs Call Transfer and Ringing Event
Device, Media and Call Control (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
516 2957 30/10/2013 11:24:53
JohnBiggs RouteRegister is monitoring other routes than requested
DMCC .NET API: Client Development (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
539 3201 25/10/2013 05:55:47
MartinFlynn getUserData
DMCC Dashboard (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
59 366 28/10/2013 10:35:08
JohnBiggs Server Mode Play File No Audio
AE Services: JTAPI (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
604 2599 31/10/2013 16:54:31
CraigJohnson5 JTAPI VDN Query to retrieve VDN timed ACW interval
AE Services Web Services: Telephony and SMS (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
240 1139 24/10/2013 13:10:56
JohnBiggs IP Addresses
Avaya Aura Contact Center
Avaya Aura Contact Center APIs
541 1097 16/11/2022 07:53:15
EdwardO'Connor RSM status code table
Avaya Aura Contact Center (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
304 1230 29/10/2013 07:31:17
KevinManifold SDK Sample Website
Avaya Cloud Platforms
OneCloud CPaaS
Use this forum to post technical questions about using Avaya Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) APIs and to share answers with fellow DevConnect members and Avaya engineers.
1 1 25/02/2022 11:45:51
Andrew Welcome to the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Developer Forum
Avaya Elite Multichannel
EMC Developer

Moderators: CedricDSouza JeffGartner JohnBiggs
93 234 02/06/2021 23:48:04 Contact EMC DB <-> 3rd Statistics Interworking Method
Avaya Meetings Server
Avaya Meetings Server
1 1 18/06/2021 02:27:00
rameshbabar Forum testing
Device Enrollment Services
Device Enrollment Services
0 No messages No messages
IP Office Platform
IP Office Contact Center Web Services Collection (WSC) (Read-Only Archive June 2021)
Use this forum to post general questions about developing custom midsize contact center solutions using the Avaya IP Office Contact Center Web Services Collection, and to share answers with fellow DevConnect members and Avaya engineers.
82 206 20/05/2021 02:27:12
DebendraModi IP Office Server Edition WebRTC webclient for remote workers
Avaya Agile Communication Environment (Read-Only Archive)
Avaya ACE Custom Application Development Forum (Archive May 2021)
28 100 05/05/2021 07:57:48
JohnBiggs Remote Lab#5 usage
Avaya ACE Custom Application Development (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
61 233 11/10/2013 12:16:09
muhammadabrar2 AES and Nortel CS1000
Interaction Center and Avaya Elite Multichannel (Read-Only Archive)
CSPortal WebAPI (Read-Only Archive)
18 39 17/03/2017 12:09:45
HollyV_deprecated Important Note: The CS Portal WebAPI Forum is no longer active.
Avaya Aura Basic Development Environment
Avaya Aura Basic Development Environment Forum (Archive - Feb 2018 and earlier)
114 359 27/02/2018 09:38:53
JohnBiggs Very confused on getting started. HELP!!
Avaya Aura Basic Development Environment (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier)
102 450 29/10/2013 19:54:37
JohnBiggs CM unable to aquire license
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