Co-branded Marketing Collateral

When you become a Technology Partner, you may be eligible to work with DevConnect to create and publish co-branded marketing collateral:

Issue joint press releases

Raise your visibility with joint press releases for membership and compliance testing completion.

Create an Innovation Guide

Promote your company and its portfolio of solutions to customers and Avaya channels with a DevConnect Innovation Guide. Innovation Guides are published on your Company Profile page in the DevConnect Marketplace.

Create Solution Briefs

Ensure customers and Avaya channels know about the benefits and capababiliites of your solutions, with in-depth Solution Briefs. Solution Briefs are published in your solution listing in the DevConnect Marketplace.

Chronicle Success Stories

Shout about your successes by chronicling significant sales of your solutions from start to finish, with Success Stories. Success Stories are published in your solution listing in the DevConnect Marketplace.

Participate in DevConnect "8 and Out" Podcasts

Discuss how your solution capabilities complement Avaya platforms to deliver value to our mutual customers. DevConnect “8 and Out” podcasts are posted on your company profile page in the DevConnect Marketplace and on the Avaya DevConnect SoundCloud channel.

Learn about the full collateral creation process

If you are already a Technology Partner, download the Avaya DevConnect Marketing Collateral Toolkit. The Toolkit describes the collateral creation process and answers frequently asked questions.