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Avaya Client SDK (formerly Breeze Client SDK) provides a common, developer-friendly set of tools that allow customers and developers to build innovative user experiences based on the full reach of Avaya Unified Communications, Collaboration and Multi-touch capabilities. Any and all functionality Avaya uses in its own clients and applications is available to developers through the SDK. Developers can now mix and match functionality that has previously been siloed in the Unified Communications or Contact Center spaces.
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The Avaya Collaboratory

Review the Avaya Client SDK documentation, download the API's and sample applications and sign up for Avaya Collaboratory. You now have a development environment allowing you to create desktop, mobile and web applications which include integrate chat, presence, voice/video calling and contacts services capabilities.

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  • Provides a common set of APIs that support the development of innovative and differentiated user experiences.
  • Traverses traditional boundaries of Unified Communications and Contact Centers.
  • Requires no specialised communication protocols knowledge.
  • Is supported on multiple platforms, allowing a common user experience across mobile, desktop and Web-based devices.
  • Enables extension and integration through the Avaya Breeze™ Platform, workflow automation and the Snapp Store eco-system.

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