Avaya Client SDK

Recording Management Services Package for JavaScript

Package Overview

The Recording Management Service Package provides a set of APIs allowing application developers to embed Avaya Equinox Streaming & Recording functionality into their applications. The Breeze Client SDK provides APIs supporting the following Streaming & Recording features:

  • Recording's Management
    • Retrieving programs
    • Retrieving live/future broadcasts
    • Update/remove/recovery programs
    • Retrieving templates, categories
    • Reporting recording's view duration
  • Setting Services
    • Getting Tenant settings
    • Getting System Settings
  • Player Service
    • Getting player's html content automatically
    • Getting player content on your choice from HTML5, WMP, Flash, Silverlight

Features availability depend on the user’s access level. A user can obtain access as either a authorized or guest user.

API Reference

Guide Articles

Getting Started

Recording's Management

Setting Services

Report Services


Technical Articles

Building and Initializing the Client SDK

Platform and Solution Considerations

Trouble Shooting and Debugging