Avaya Client SDK

Communication Services Package for JavaScript

Package Overview

The Communication Service Package provides APIs enabling application developers to embed advanced communications functionality in user and business applications and helping create a contextual and seamless user experience. It makes communications easy by abstracting the protocols and complexity out of application developers hands. The Client SDK provides APIs supporting the following features, including:

  • Enterprise Communications
    • Audio and Video calls
    • Messaging
    • Contacts and Presence
  • Rich Conferencing
    • Conference roster
    • Conference management and moderator controls
    • Web Collaboration

Supported Browsers

The Communication Service Package is supported on the following desktop browsers:

  • Google Chrome Version 58+
  • Mozilla Firefox Version 52+

Web Collaboration Renderer

The Web Collaboration Renderer package provides APIs enabling application developers to embed advanced web collaboration functionality into your Communication Services for JavaScript application. It makes embedding HTML 5 web collabroartion components easy by abstracting the Web Collaboration complexity away from application developers. The Web Collaboration Renderer APIs provides support for:

  • Content Sharing
  • Whiteboarding

API Reference

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Handling Audio and Video Calls


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