Communication Services Package for macOS

Package Overview

The Communication Service Package provides APIs enabling application developers to embed advanced communications functionality in user and business applications and helping create a contextual and seamless user experience. It makes communications easy by abstracting the protocols and complexity out of application developers hands. The Client SDK provides APIs supporting the following features in respective environments:

Features API's available in Avaya Aura® Infrastructure API's available in IP Office™ Infrastructure
Enterprise Communications Audio and Video calls YES YES
Messaging YES NO
Contacts and Presence YES NO
Call logs YES YES(Local call logs)
Conferencing Conference calls YES YES
Conference roster YES NO
Conference management and moderator controls YES NO
Web Collaboration YES NO

Note: IP Office™ supports only the Basic Conferencing features like AEMO, meetme conferencing etc.

Supported Platforms

The following table shows the Supported Platforms for this Release.

macOS 10.11
macOS 10.12
macOS 10.13

API Reference

Guide Articles

Getting Started

Handling Audio and Video Calls


Avaya Aura® Infrastructure developers IP Office™ Infrastructure developers
Displaying Local Contacts Displaying Local Contacts
Using the Call Log Service Using the Call Log Service
Using Shared Contacts
Using Presence With Shared Contacts
Send All Calls (SAC)
Working With Instant Messaging
Adding Conference Moderator Controls
Adding Support For Web Collaboration

Technical Articles

Building and Initializing the Client SDK


Avaya Aura® Infrastructure developers IP Office™ Infrastructure developers
Working with Video Working with Video
Getting Started with Video Getting Started with Video
Developing Conferencing Applications Developing Conferencing Applications
Working with Capabilities Working with Capabilities
Making a MeetMe conference call through HTTPUA
Adding Support for Multimedia Messages

Platform and Solution Considerations

Trouble Shooting and Debugging


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