FAQ: DevConnect Program

This topic provides answers to frequently asked questions about the DevConnect Program.

What is the Avaya DevConnect Program?

DevConnect is Avaya's developer and third party technology partner program, designed to to help companies create, verify and market Avaya-enabled solutions for their own use, or to mutual customers and channels.  

By starting for a FREE Registered level membership, you have immediate access to almost all SDKs offered by Avaya products, as well as technical education, tutorials and sample applications, forums, and in some cases, free Tier 1 & 2 technical developer support on the use of Avaya APIs.

DevConnect Enhanced Membership options include:

  • A Support-Enabled Registered Member upgrade to enhanced developer support, or
  • A full Technology Partner membership which further includes discounted procurement of lab systems, formal DevConnect Compliance Testing of your solutions and co-marketing benefits for visibility with Avaya customers and channel partners.

Membership runs annually from January to December. 

For commercial ISVs, IHV's and Service Providers, DevConnect Compliance Testing is a key element for recognition and support of your solutions by Avaya Client Services. Successfully completing compliance testing makes available co-marketing benefits, which can range from:

  • Joint press releases, to
  • Visibility on the Avaya DevConnect Partner Gallery for your company and solutions (including for additional elements such as videos, joint collateral), to
  • Invitations to sponsor Avaya events, and
  • Potential inclusion in the Avaya DevConnect Select Product Program.

System Integrators with custom applications can also leverage these co-marketing benefits based on customer references and case study materials in lieu of formal DevConnect Compliance Testing.

For complete information, please refer to our current DevConnect Program Guide.

What are the differences in the various membership levels? What is the pricing for each?

DevConnect Membership options include:

  • A no-cost Registered level membership provides access to almost all developer-oriented content, downloads, Software Developer Kits (SDKs), developer education materials, sample application code, forum boards, and even a selection of free remote labs to assist in exploring Avaya product and API capabilities. Basic Tier 1 & 2 technical support is also provided at to charge on select Avaya products.
  • An enhanced level Support-Enabled Registered Member upgrade for access to enhanced developer support, or
  • A full Technology Partner membership which further includes discounted procurement of lab systems, formal DevConnect Compliance Testing of your solutions and co-marketing benefits for visibility with Avaya customers and channel partners.
  • In certain situations, Avaya may offer a company applying for Technology Partner membership an alternate membership level, designated as Testing-enabled Registered Member

Pricing for Support-enabled and Technology Partner memberships is based on the specific benefits included in terms of support hours and test days desired. For current pricing information, please refer to the current DevConnect Program Guide.

Must I pay for membership?

Not at all. Many companies participate in the Avaya DevConnect Program at a free Registered Member level, accessing developer resources and educational materials,and interacting with DevConnect Community through our forum boards and social media programs.

However, access to deeper levels of developer-centric technical support, Compliance Testing, discounted procurement and other benefits require an higher level of program membership, which do carry annual costs.

If I don't use all my benefits in a membership year, can I carry them over to the next one?

Technical Support Hours and Test Days are allocated as part of an annual membership period, and expire at the end of that period.

I am joining the DevConnect Program mid-way through the year. Can I get a discounted membership?

Since it is entirely possible for a member to join the program and still consume most or all of the benefits that are made available as part of their enhanced membership during that calendar year. For this reason, it is not our policy to pro-rate membership pricing simply based on calendar time.

During the membership process, your assigned DevConnect Business Development Manager (BDM) will review your plans and expected usage, and may suggest an alternate membership package that makes sense for your unique situation, including an extended package that provides for future year benefits.

Are there any limitations on my DevConnect Membership?

Yes. Membership in Avaya DevConnect does not provide DevConnect members with authorization to deliver services for Avaya products directly to Avaya customers, or on behalf of Avaya Channel Partners. This includes, but is not limited to, the installation, configuration, maintenance and/or support services for any Avaya product. Furthermore, the creation and/or publication of any DevConnect Application Notes detailing configuration steps for Avaya products using any compliance-tested DevConnect partner product(s) do not provide support authorization.  

Only companies authorized through the Avaya Connect channel partner program or other Avaya programs, e.g., Services-Only Installation Program (SOIP), are recognized by Avaya Client Services as eligible to provide support services for Avaya products. Any company misrepresenting its authorization, based solely on DevConnect membership, may be subject to penalties including suspension of marketing benefits, restrictions on compliance testing or termination from the DevConnect Program.

What are Portfolios and Solutions?

A Portfolio is simply a way to group common or similar Solutions together for tracking or marketing purposes.  A Portfolio may represent a single product that interoperates with multiple Avaya products, or a set of inter-related Member products that work with a specific Avaya platform. 

A Solution is a specific instance of a members’ product, service or offer than integrates or interoperates with a specific Avaya product at a specific release level.  DevConnect Compliance Testing is performed on a specific Solution.

All Support-enabled, Test-enabled and Technology Partner level members will have at least one Portfolio and one Solution.

For Technology Partners, Portfolios are also reflective of how products, services and offers are described in the DevConnect Partner Gallery.

How many solutions can my company have?

There is no limit as to the number of solutions your company can register with DevConnect.

In general, we recommend that one solution represents a specific combination of your product at a specific release level against an Avaya product at a specific release level.

For example, if you wanted support or compliance testing for MyProduct 2.0 against both Avaya IP Office 9.0 and Avaya Aura 6.0, these would be considered two independent solutions (in fact, they may be part of two different Portfolios). You should also have individual solution records for both MyProduct 2.0 as well as MyProduct 2.1 against Avaya IP Office 9.0, in order to clearly differentiate the software versions being used during technical support interactions.

Can I register more than one solution at a time?

Yes, enhanced level members can create and submit multiple Portfolios and Solutions at one time. Avaya will independent review and approve each solution independently. At least one approved solution is necessary to proceed with the membership upgrade process.

What versions of Avaya Products does DevConnect support?

DevConnect typically follows Avaya's policy for Manufacturer Support. Generally, this means you can obtain Technical Support for current (N) and one prior major (N-1) releases.

DevConnect Compliance Testing, however, is always performed on the most current Generally Available Avaya product releases.

Check the DevConnect Supported Platform and Interfaces list to determine which Avaya products are currently supported by the DevConnect program. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, it may be for an older platform no longer being supported by Avaya, or a platform that is not currently within the scope of the DevConnect Program.

I’m not familiar with Avaya’s products – How can I quickly find out about the relevant Avaya products and the right development environments and API’s to use?

Using the Products & Resources mega-menu, you can browse for information on Avaya products with supported external interfaces for use by 3rd parties, either by category or by individual product. Information available for each product generally includes a high level overview, a description of available public APIs or Interfaces, and links to relevant documentation. Where there are educational resources available, such as self-paced online training, sample applications, tutorials or eBooks, they will be identified. Similarly, available remote labs or other development tools and environments will be identified where available.

Please also check the DevConnect Supported Platform and Interfaces list to determine which Avaya products are currently supported by the DevConnect program. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, it may be for an older platform no longer being supported by Avaya, or a platform that is not currently within the scope of the DevConnect Program.

Why isn't the specific product I'm looking for supported by DevConnect?

Not all Avaya products have public APIs or support open, standards-based interfaces. In other cases, the associated product team has established an alternate policy for interoperability, and therefore the product may not be covered by the DevConnect Program for technical support or Compliance Testing.

Check the DevConnect Supported Platform and Interfaces list to determine which Avaya products are currently supported by the DevConnect program. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, it may be for an older platform no longer being supported by Avaya, or a platform that is not currently within the scope of the DevConnect Program.

I am looking for some information to aid in our development, but the documentation about a particular Avaya product or interface is not clear, who can I speak with to get clarification?

If you have questions regarding Avaya product documentation, you may submit a DevConnect Technical Support ticket for the applicable Avaya Product and/or Interface. Alternately, the product documentation may include additional options for support, including Avaya Mentor videos and Avaya Support forum boards that may be of use.

We need some technical support and want to become an enhanced level DevConnect member. What is the process?

Becoming a Support-enabled DevConnect Member is simple and straightforward. Using the "Learn More" link found on the DevConnect Portal homepage, simply complete the on-line membership upgrade application and identify at least one Portfolio/Solution. We will then contact you to establish a technical review of your solution, and upon approval, issue an invoice for your agreed upon membership benefits.

Generally this process can complete in a few days, although complex solutions may require additional technical review with appropriate product experts.

Upon invoicing for membership, you'll be granted an initial allocation of support hours, with the remainder provided upon payment of applicable fees.

We want to purchase Avaya equipment for our lab, what is the process?

DevConnect offers a variety of Software development tools, as well as pre-defined system configurations and software upgrade offers, designed to match the needs of various membership levels. Log in to the DevConnect Portal and browse the DevConnect Procurement Catalog to view offers available for your membership level.

You can submit a request on-line, and once approved, you will receive a quote from our fulfillment partner. Simply pay the invoiced amount, and we'll place the order for your desired configuration and have it shipped to you once it has been staged and configured to allow for plug-and-play deployment by your team.

Do I have to test on every point release that Avaya comes out with or just the major releases?

Typically, Technology Partner and Test-enabled Registered Level members are required to only test once on a major release, and to retest when moving from one major release level to another (e.g. R6.2 to R7.0). In general, a solution successfully compliance tested on a specific minor or 'dot' release level will be considered interoperable for all later minor, dot or service packs of that product, but not for any earlier releases of the Avaya product.

From time to time, the Avaya product team may advise on significant changes in a point release that requires a re-test of the members solution.  If this occurs, the solution will require a re-test in order to continue to be recognized as interoperable against the later version.

Why are SIP-based interfaces required to be Compliance Tested, but not ISDN/T1/E1?

ISDN, T1 and E1 interfaces are very mature technologies, and generally well understood across the industry. In contrast, while the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has been defined and ratified by standards bodies and is governed by various RFC’s, not all elements are mandatory and many offer significant flexibility in supported feature capabilities. Avaya's experience is that this is still an evolving technology that has not yet fully delivered on its promise of open interoperability without a need for additional due diligence.

As a result, Avaya’s Global SIP Service Provider Compliance Program (GSSCP) has created a set of reference architecture designed to facilitate a standard supportable approach for Avaya solution installations that connect to Service Providers SIP trunk services. This architecture provides a reliable and repeatable solution offer. An enterprise Avaya Session Border Controller (SBC)  is an integral part of the reference architecture where the solution includes Avaya Aura®, Avaya Experience Portal  or Avaya CS 1000 systems. This reference architecture ensures a hassle-free and consistent customer installation and configuration and  facilitates the rapid and flexible resolution of any interoperability related issues.

While SIP is considered a standard, our experience shows that Service Provider networks have widely varied in the configurations of SIP trunk services. As a result, until a  particular service is tested by DevConnect, Avaya will not be able to confirm to a customer that there are no issues with using SIP trunks from a particular Service Provider.

Furthermore by conducting and passing DevConnect compliance testing  the installation of the SIP trunk service can follow the documented configuration as published in the DevConnect Application Notes and therefore receive Avaya Client Services support as part of the customers' maintenance service agreement. 

I have a custom application. Can I get this Compliance Tested?

DevConnect Compliance Testing is intended for commercial (shrink-wrap) applications that are sold to multiple customers. Since custom applications generally require interfacing to a specific end-customer environment, and acceptance is usually predicated on specific criteria unique to that customer, DevConnect does not offer Compliance Testing for custom solutions.

As a result, support for custom solutions is the full and complete responsibility of the application developer, which may be a system integrator or the end-customer themselves.

Will DevConnect help me get introduced to Avaya Sales and Channel Partners?

Through the process of successfully compliance testing a solution (or, alternately, having referencable customers and success stories), Technology Partners become eligible for co-marketing benefits through the DevConnect Program. These co-marketing benefits may include opportunities for increased visibility with Avaya sales and Avaya Connect Channel Partners through event sponsorships with organizations like the Avaya Partner Community Council, invitations to participate in quarterly SalesConnect and TechConnect webinars for Avaya's Sales Engineer and channel communities, and visibility through the DevConnect Partner Gallery.

Account-specific engagements can be facilitated through your DevConnect Business Development Manager (BDM) as opportunities arise.

Does a DevConnect Technology Partner Membership allow Avaya channels and sales teams to sell my product, service or offer?

DevConnect is not an OEM or resale program for third party solutions.

However, successful Compliance Testing is often a pre-requisite that all Avaya product organization look for when considering OEM or resale arrangements.

DevConnect supports the goals and strategies of Avaya Product Managers through the DevConnect Select Product Program, a by-invitation program that ultimately enables Avaya sales and channel partners to order selected products and services from invited and participating DevConnect Technology Partners under Avaya part codes. While not a true OEM or Resale program, the Select Product Program significantly reduces the complexities in ordering complex, multi-vendor solutions by Avaya customers and channel partners.

Should your compliance tested solutions match the needs identified by Avaya product organizations, a DevConnect Business Development Manager (BDM) will contact you to discuss the opportunity to participate in the Select Product Program.

Successful completion of Compliance Testing does not automatically result in consideration for the Select Product Program.

Where can I find a list of all DevConnect Technology Partners?

The DevConnect Partner Gallery allows you to explore, search and learn about solutions available from DevConnect Technology Partners for current Avaya platforms. Offering company and solution overviews, the DevConnect Partner Gallery also provides information on DevConnect Compliance Testing completed by these companies, along with pointers to relevant DevConnect Application Notes.

Avaya does not publish a list of all companies involved in the DevConnect Program.