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Hello experts,

We are currently working on a custom OD 7.2.3 app, to integrate against Dialog Flow. We are basing it on the DefautaDialogFlowApp and on the def_dialogflow.vxml. I would like to understand if there is a way to listen to Speech AND DTMF at the same time. AFAIK DTMF is processed by the MPP, and Speech by DF. The vxml is supporting both input modes at the same interaction, so I would like to understand how to do it using pure OD.

Thanks, Jorge.
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As you can see in the flow map editor, the ProcessPayload data node process the custom payload that comes from DF, based on the data, it determines whether to present the prompt for speech input (SpeechInput node) or DTMF input (DTMFInput). So I guess you can try to combine the 2 together. The DTMTInput node is mainly depending on the grammar and some customization in the code.
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