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Forum Index » Avaya Orchestration Designer » Understanding AAOD REST Web Service Plugin   XML
Author Message

Joined: 13/01/2014 21:53:49
Messages: 9


I would like to understand how to define the URL Parameter Type for input parameters.

Currently there is WSOP Defined, Query and Path. What are the differences between these 3?

If the input required is as below, which parameter needs to be selected?
"systemId": "bf07",
"status": "A",
"codeList": [

Joined: 06/11/2013 14:29:24
Messages: 3836

Query means the input parameters are automatically formed a URL query string and appended to the URL. For example, if you have param1 and value1, the REST url would be like http://ip:port/app/func?param1=value1
For Path, the url would look like http://ip:port/app/func/param1/value1. You can actually see it in the editor if you have the input parameters
For JSON input, typically the REST support the POST method. In the editor, you can change the method from GET to POST. Once you do that, another textbox would be visible for you to add the JSON string. To add the JSON string, make sure you have JSON in front of it. For example, it would be JSON{"param1":"value1"} to go into the textbox.
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