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Forum Index » Avaya Aura Contact Center APIs » Agent state value returned by the RTDAPI.   XML
Author Message

Joined: 17/08/2021 05:59:02
Messages: 1


Is it possible to get a complete list of all of the possible agent states and values that can be returned by the RTDAPI?

Joined: 21/02/2014 10:44:41
Messages: 52

I found them in the PDF developer guide, not at work PC so can't recall the exact name of document but part of the RTD sdk download.
I didn't find an enum for them anywhere so added own to code for own stats display I built.
Seems to be one code occasionally presenting that is not in the list otherwise I got an ID match for all.

If you not found in the PDF before next week I will post values from my code.

Unless otherwise stated.
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