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Forum Index » Avaya Aura Contact Center (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier) » Setting up a Screen Pop with two intrinsics   XML
Author Message

Joined: 22/11/2013 04:17:09
Messages: 6

Hi All:

I want to set up an agent desktop screen pop with a URL that contains TWO parameters (specifically CLI and SKILLSET).

I've been following the document:


which describes, in some detail, how to set this up.

However it seems to be out of date as the URL for the WSDL at:


seems to have moved to:


and the webservices have also changed (e.g. setIntrinsticByName has been replaced by setIntrinsics -> I think!).

Does anyone have an up to date version of this document? (for Release 6.3)

I can't find one on the devconnect site anywhere...

Alternately, some other recommended way of getting the SKILLSET intrinsic out of Avaya would be helpful.

Many thanks,

Corin Adlard (Gamma Telecom Limited).

Joined: 22/11/2013 04:17:09
Messages: 6

Hi All:

Any news on this. Is anyone actually watching this forum?

Please let me know

Corin Adlard
Developer Gamma Telecom Limited

Joined: 01/02/2012 10:02:36
Messages: 0

Not nearly enough people are watching this forum.

But let me see if I can help.

You'll need to take at least 3 steps:
1. Set up ContactService as a Web Service in the Database Integration Wizard.
2. Create a custom block in your application script that concatenates the two parameters you want into a single variable and then adds that variable as an intrinsic to the contact.
3. In the Multimedia admin tool, configure your agent screen pop to use the variable you created in #2.

For #1, use this document as your reference: Go to page 284 for the steps to add a web service to the Database Integration Wizard.

You're going to need to add the ContactService. On our system, the ContactService WSDL is located at http://[HOSTNAME]:9070/SOAOI/scripting/services/ContactService?WSDL

For #2, use this document:

For #3, use this document: Page 466 has the steps.

Joined: 22/11/2013 04:17:09
Messages: 6

Many thanks for that Jack: I'll check those documents out and get back to you on how much progress I make.
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