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Forum Index » EMC Developer » Occasionally getting ecOther instead of ecLogicalAgent   XML
Author Message

Joined: 18/11/2013 22:00:25
Messages: 39


We are experiencing issue with EMC where the EMC Desktop could not get the Agent ID. The resolution was to restart the XML server, but the problem reoccur after less than 1 day.
On the other hand, we also have a backup EMC server, where the same problem also occurs, but it took around 20 days before the problem reoccurring.

The bottom right of the EMC Desktop screen would show Agent ID as "Not Set".

From AES TSAPI logs we found the following difference:

Successful scenario:

01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: Private Data:
01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: value ATTQueryDeviceInfoConfEvent ::=
01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: {
01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: extensionClass ecProprietary,
01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: associatedClass ecLogicalAgent,
01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: associatedDevice "4745"
01/30/2019 14:30:18.683:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: }

Unsuccessful scenario:

01/30/2019 14:31:11.335:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: Private Data:
01/30/2019 14:31:11.335:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: value ATTQueryDeviceInfoConfEvent ::=
01/30/2019 14:31:11.335:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: {
01/30/2019 14:31:11.335:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: extensionClass ecProprietary,
01/30/2019 14:31:11.336:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: associatedClass ecOther,
01/30/2019 14:31:11.336:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: associatedDevice ""
01/30/2019 14:31:11.336:TSAPI:Thread 0x9b3ddb90: }

The problem seems to suddenly occur after the system have been running for over 2 years and no configuration have been changed.

Would be really grateful if anybody could share some ideas on this case.

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