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I'm trying to press a work code button + digits to be sent via DMCC app.

I realised I am able to send the codes in Pending for ACW mode.
However, if call is released and agent goes to ACW, button cannot be pressed (no "C:" on display ).

Please, do you have any idea why? Any settings on the CM side..?

According to doc, I should be able to introduce work codes (in my case,only Pending for ACW is okay)

On an ACD call.
A manual-in agent in the After Call Work (ACW) mode.
An auto-in agent in the Pending for ACW or Timed ACW mode.

Joined: Nov 16, 2020
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Found this:

Looks like phone needs to remain off-hook for ACW state.

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Are you sure the agent is actually ACW when you press the "work code" button?

Once the call is ended, the agent will become Ready unless:
a. He is on Manual-in mode
b. The VDN/Huntgroup is configured with a Timed ACW Interval and that interval has not elapsed
c. The agent places himself ACW during the call (in pending mode).

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