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I was wondering whats the difference between User Profile web service and Subscriber Management web service? There seems to be a overlap ,as both help in obtaining the ACE user info .

User Profile says - users locally and across the federation ,
Subscriber Management says - query subscriber information either locally or globally. Here federation and information globally is different in anyway ?

Cheers/ Ashok.
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You are correct in that there is some overlap. The user profile web service provides full access and management of the user profile database, while the subscriber management interface provides a simple query API for user contact information.

We added the subscriber API for applications that just need to do fast read operations of subscriber data. We also give the location in the federation of the user across this interface, and also allow for the scoping of the queries.

For example, IBM Sametime integration does a local scope query based on Sametime contact ID to determine if the user is in the local ACE server, and to get the user's ACE ID for aggregated presence registration. Hotdesking also uses the subscriber interface to do distributed queries across a federation to find the user's home ACE so that the application can modify their contact data on the home ACE server, and set call forwarding states on their associated phone.

Are you using a federated ACE deployment or a stand alone installation?

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