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In C# project, I add a web reference, and input the WSDL address of “Application Interface Web Service”.
But some error occurr, the C# project can not create codes from the xml document of “Application Interface Web Service”.

It works when I add AAOD 6 or AAOD 7.2 WSDL document into web references in the same way.

I try to test AAOD 8.1.1 WSDL document in other ways,
it only can be used by apache axis 2, and can not be used by .Net or apache axis 1.4

I try to verify the WSDL document in
The documents from AAOD 6 and AAOD 7.2 passed, but the document from AAOD 8.1.1 failed.

The attachment contains my C# test project, and WSDL files from AAOD 6, AAOD 7.2, AAOD 8.1.1
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Same issue of this post?
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massimo__croci wrote:Same issue of this post?

It is similar.

In my case, I can only import AEP 8.1.1 WSDL file by AAOD axis2.
If I import it by other ways, the WSDL file can not be used.
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