Avaya Workplace Client

Latest Release: 3.33 (Mar 2023)

Product Overview

Avaya Workplace Client (formerly Avaya Equinox Client), is a soft phone application that provides users with access to unified communications (UC) services associated with their Avaya Aura or IP Office infrastructure. Built upon the Communication Services package of the Avaya Client SDK (formerly Avaya Breeze Client SDK), the Avaya Workplace Client extends UC services to Mac and Windows Desktops, as well as Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The Avaya Workplace Client for Android can be installed on a mobile phone or tablet, and the Avaya Workplace Client for iOS on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.


  • Make point-to-point audio and video calls
  • Join and host conference calls with moderator control features
  • Allows users to share a portion of the screen, the whole desktop, an application, or a whiteboard while on a conference call on desktop platforms
  • Perform an enterprise-wide search using Avaya Aura Device Services or Client Enablement Services on mobile clients and using Avaya Aura Device Services or LDAP on desktop clients
  • Send captured photo, audio, video files, or generic file attachments in an IM conversation.
Avaya Equinox Device


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