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Avaya Control Manager


Avaya Control Manager (previously known as Avaya Contact Center Control Manager) is a centralized operational administration solution that enables contact center administrators and supervisors to control all of the administrative elements that comprise a single or multiple location Avaya-based contact center environment. Contact center users, agents and other entities can be managed from a single Web-based user interface and provisioned across a range of Avaya applications in a contact center environment, including Avaya Aura Contact Center, Avaya Aura Communication Manager (for Call Center Elite), Call Management System,IQ,Interaction Center, Proactive Contact, Proactive Outreach Manager, one-X Agent, Elite Multi-channel and Avaya Aura Experience Portal.


  • The Avaya Control Manager Web services API enables the development of third party solutions that integrate with the Control Manager Provisioning Server to manage users, agents, extensions, skills and other entities.
  • The Avaya Control Manager Web services API and API Guide are available for download from the portal.

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Avaya Control Manager
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