Avaya Contact Center Select

Latest Release: 7.1.2 (September 2021)


Avaya Contact Center Select is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multimedia customer experience solution that enables small to midsize enterprises to anticipate, accelerate, and enhance customer interactions. Avaya Contact Center Select uses the IP Office Platform to provide its real-time communications platform.


  • Supports skill-based routing, call treatments, reporting, unified agent management, and the graphical Avaya Orchestration Designer workflows and scripting utility.
  • Supports multichannel contact types, including voice, email, outbound, Web communications (Web chat), SMS text messages, fax messages, scanned documents and voice mail messages.
  • Contact Center Select is derived from Avaya Aura Contact Center and supports a subset of its APIs, namely Web Communications Web services, Multimedia Outbound Web service, Email Open Interfaces, CCT .Net API, Real-time Data API, Real-time Statistics Multicast API and Host Data Exchange API.
Contact Center Select Agent Desktop
Contact Center Select Agent Desktop


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