Compliance Testing

DevConnect Technology Partners and other test-enabled members with commercial solutions that utilize or interface with Avaya platforms to provide end customers with key communications and collaboration functionality may be eligible to undertake DevConnect Compliance Testing.

Successful completion of DevConnect Compliance Testing provides Avaya customers, sales/channels and support personnel with important configuration information, published in the form of a DevConnect Application Note, to aid in deployment and troubleshooting of joint solutions.

For more information, and to request compliance testing, refer to the Compliance Testing overview.

For testing purposes, IP Office 500 V2 and IP Office Server Edition are treated as two distinct DevConnect platforms. Members are required to select the appropriate IP Office platform when registering a solution with DevConnect for compliance testing. For more information, see:

SIP Trunk and Third-party SBC Testing

DevConnect provides compliance testing of SIP trunk services from Service Providers around the globe against IP Office and other Avaya solutions in line with specific reference architectures using the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (ASBC-E) in most, if not all, configurations. The document below describes these reference architectures and any limitations regarding the inclusion of third-party Session Border Controllers in our test lab configurations:

Emergency Services Solutions Testing

With the introduction of the Emergency Services Access enhancements in Avaya IP Office Release 9.0, developers of emergency services solutions are strongly advised to get emergency call information, such as caller location, by using an “On-Site Alert” that can be sent to SNMP, syslog or email, rather than using other methods. The Location API (introduced in Release 10.0) supports simple On-site Notification, allowing solutions to get the actual location of the caller, and other call information, whenever an emergency services call is initiated on IP Office.

As a result of this, the DevConnect Application Notes resulting from any DevConnect Compliance Testing that utilizes an alternate methodology will include an additional disclaimer indicating that “While this solution was demonstrated to successfully interoperate, the specific implementation method may not fully align to best practices and recommendations as outlined by Avaya in Making Use of the Emergency Services Access Enhancements in IP Office Release 9.0/9.1, available for download from the Avaya DevConnect Portal. Customers should review and discuss their specific needs and associated risks with the vendor relative to these guidelines.

For more information on implementing the recommended approach refer to the guide to the format of the alarm and associated SNMP package capture files, available for download under Releases - Downloads - Location API & Emergency Services Call Alarm tab for the release of IP Office you are using.