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IP Office

Release 4.2

IP Office Release 4.2 was made generally available in August 2008; the latest quarterly maintenance release was issued in November 2009. This is NOT the latest IP Office release; the latest release is recommended for new development.

New In This Release

Note: IP Office 4.2 applications remove support for Windows 2000 operating systems.

The valid period for all IP Office free trial licenses has been extended to 60 days.

New locales for Turkey, German Swiss and Italian Swiss have been added.

New Phones:

  • 1700 Series IP Telephone Support - models 1703, 1708 and 1716, together with the BM32 button module.

System Software Enhancements:

  • Mobility Enhancements:
    • Mobile Call Control allows twinned calls to be transferred, held and added to conferences through IP Office (IP500 only, licensed feature).
    • Avaya one-X Mobile single-mode client provides a graphical interface on selected mobile phones for IP Office call control and allows a one-number service for both incoming and outgoing calls (IP500 only, licensed feature).
    • Mobile Twinning remains operational even for users who are logged out.
  • All embedded servers (DHCP, TFTP/HTTP, RAS/H323) can now serve up to 50 clients.
  • DHCP can now support 8 pools of address ranges, can optionally serve only Avaya IP telephones and also offers consistent IP addresses to clients after reboots (IP500 only).
  • Switchable S0/T0 Interfaces for IP500 BRI card (IP500 only).
  • Four Sources of Music on Hold (WAV files), selectable for Incoming Call Routes or Hunt Groups (not available on the Small Office Edition).
  • Call Priority Promotion Timer allows calls to be promoted in priority after a specific time in the queue. The Dial Extension short code now allows a transferred call to have its priority changed.
  • ETSI CHI line subtype now available on all supported PRI cards.
  • Restrict Network Interconnect bars calls from being connected between private and public trunk interface groups.
  • T3 Telephones now support
    • Display Hunt Group membership status,
    • Edit phone directory,
    • Visual Voice and Conferencing,
    • Program Function and Soft keys,
    • Night service button,
    • Voicemail on/off Toggle Button,
    • Line appearance keys,
    • Transfer to Voicemail,
    • Button Programming (not Small Office Edition)
  • Telephone `Messages' Key Goes to Visual Voice on supported phones.
  • SMDR (Station Message Detail Reporting) call logging information direct from the IP Office, with extensions to indicate the party responsible for initiating external calls.
  • Trunk Impedance Detection for analog trunks (North America only)
  • IP trunk fallback through ARS.
  • Enhanced Outgoing Call Barring allows a user prevent external outbound calls from an extension without first entering a Login Code.

IP Office Applications:

  • Added support for Windows 2008 Server
  • VoiceMail Pro enhancements:
    • Unified Messaging Service (UMS) replaces the existing Integrated Messaging Service (IMS), providing fully synchronized integration for IMAP email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, as well as a browser interface to voicemails. (Licensed feature).
    • The Check Digit Action allows variables to be validated against existing Extensions, Hunt Groups or Mailboxes.
    • The Menu action now includes simple options to accommodate Timeout, invalid entries, and retry loops.
    • VBScript action will now support VB scripts of up to 10,000 characters.
  • Embedded Voicemail Enhancements:
    • Voicemail to Email (IP500 and IP406 V2 only)
    • Cantonese VoiceMail Prompts (IP500 and IP406 V2 only)
  • Phone Manager Enhancements:
    • Users can change their Out-calling options, including the ability to set phone numbers and associated timeouts.
    • Voicemail Forwarding to all users in the Small Community Network.
    • User Password Changing
    • Phone Manager PC Softphone 4.2 supports operation on Windows Vista Business/Ultimate and supports agent login for contact centers.
  • Support for Small Business Contact Center

IP Office Management Software:

  • Embedded File Management - a new user interface within Manager to list the directory content of the removable Compact Flash card, as well as upload, download and delete files (IP500 and IP406 V2 only)
  • Static NAT facilitates dial-up diagnostics and maintenance abilities, e.g. to give access to VoiceMail Pro servers.
  • System Status Application (SSA) displays the following new alarms and screens:
    • Duplicate Numbers in SCN dial plan, "No routing for Line", non-existent Start Point in VoiceMail Pro, No license installed, Voicemail storage full/nearly full
    • Control Unit Audit, Feature Key and License Status, Directory (including SCN users), Real time Voicemail port status, Voicemail Summary/Detail information, Real time Mailbox status, IP Route and Service status, Tunnel Status
  • IP Phone Forced Re-Registration within System Status Application (SSA).
  • IP Office Configuration Service - a backend configuration service component that runs on a Microsoft Server, to provide secure configuration services for user and group settings that can be accessed through a 3rd Party application via an XML interface. (Supported through the Avaya DevConnect program).