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Avaya Experience Portal


Avaya Experience Portal comprises next generation releases of what was previously known as Avaya Voice Portal. Experience Portal provides organizations with a single point of orchestration for all automated, multimedia, self service and integrated voice response (IVR) applications across inbound phone or video, as well as outbound phone, email, or SMS applications. Avaya Experience Portal supports SIP, IP, TDM and mixed environments, and provides robust management, reporting, development, and virtualization capabilities.
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  • Experience Portal is a software-only solution that runs on off-the-shelf hardware and software.
  • Experience Portal is based on Web services and Web communications standards, such as VoiceXML and CCXML.
  • Avaya Orchestration Designer is the Eclipse-based development environment (IDE) for the creation of Experience Portal applications.
  • Experience Portal supports centralized management of Intelligent Customer Routing for enhanced wait treatments and best routing destination, and Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager for outbound campaigns.

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