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Latest Release: 10.2 (Dec 2023)

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Mastering Device, Media And Call Control Using Avaya Dmcc Dashboard

If you are in the business of specifying, designing or developing advanced IP communications applications, use the Avaya DMCC Dashboard to simplify and accelerate the development process:

  • Understand the device, media and call control functionality available to your applications
  • Rapidly prototype unified communications and contact center applications, without writing any code
  • Test and troubleshoot application logic and structure with script recording and replay

This DevConnect eBook is your complete guide to the Avaya DMCC Dashboard, a purpose-built tool for learning the Device, Media and Call Control (DMCC) Service API for Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services. Step-by-step overviews of the features, usage and benefits of the DMCC Dashboard make it easy to master these capabilities for your own advanced IP communications applications.

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eBook Contents

With over 150 pages and over 60 figures and tables, Mastering Device, Media and Call Control takes you step-by-step through the use of the DMCC Dashboard, explaining the functionality behind its various buttons and fields. You'll also learn how the DMCC Dashboard can be configured to work with the Avaya IP Communications Development Environment (IPCoDE) to form a complete desktop-based environment for conceptualizing and prototyping intelligent communications applications.

The book is in two parts:

  • Part I: DMCC Basics teaches you about the platforms and services that DMCC Dashboard uses. You will gain an understanding of what the DMCC Dashboard is, what it's used for and who should use it. You will also gain an appreciation of the value of the DMCC Dashboard, both to developers who want to make use of the DMCC service in their applications, and to other users who want to learn about the capabilities of Avaya Communication Manager exposed via the DMCC service.
  • Part II: Using the DMCC Dashboard shows you how to use the DMCC Dashboard to exercise the capabilities of the DMCC service, including physical device control, client- and server-side media control and basic third-party-call control. You will also discover how the DMCC Dashboard can be used to prototype and test applications under development. The chapters in this part are organized based on the tabs of the DMCC Dashboard user interface.

By mastering device, media, and call control APIs exposed by AE Services, you will move beyond thinking of communications only in its most basic form of "phone calls." Instead, you will recognize that the communications capabilities accessible from a desk phone from advanced routing to presence, even call recording can just as easily be part of your enterprise portal, part of your workflow engines, even part of your business processes. With this insight, you'll be capable of delivering intelligent communications that transform ordinary businesses into extraordinary ones.

eBook Addendum, issued March 2011:The eBook was originally publish in 2009 and is based on the edition of the Device, Media and Call Control (DMCC) Dashboard issued with AE Services Release 4.2. Since publication, there have been two major releases of AE Services (5.2 and 6.1), each of which introduced significant enhancements to the DMCC Service that have been reflected in new versions of the DMCC Dashboard. In March 2011, an Addendum to the eBook was issued (download available above), which covers the DMCC Service enhancements and how they can be exercised using the DMCC Dashboard issued with AE Services Release 6.1.

The enhancements covered in the Addendum include:

  • Enhanced application session and device capabilities
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities
  • New and enhanced third party call control capabilities
  • New call routing capabilities

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