Avaya Aura AE Services SMS Web Service

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)


The System Management Service (SMS) Web Service is hosted on the Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services server and exposes management features of Avaya Aura Communication Manager to client SOAP applications. The web service enables client applications to display, list, add, change and remove specific managed objects on Communication Manager. This service provides programmatic access to a subset of the administration objects available via Communication Manager's System Access Terminal (SAT) screens. The web service also provides the ability to discover the status of resources on Communication Manager.

The SMS Web Service supports the following system management requests:

  • Submit Request: Submits a service request. The method invokes any of the available commands for any of the supported service models.
  • Release Request: Explicitly ends a session. The method releases the resources associated with a session and terminates it.

In Avaya Aura AE Services Release 5.2, SMS introduced a new XML representation of model and field data. The new XML formatted interface provides access to the same models, operations and fields as the existing pipe-delimited string formatted interface. The string formatted interface is now not the preferred method for application integration. Although existing applications will continue to work without update in AE Services Release 5.2 and for the foreseeable future, developers should use the new XML formatted interface to develop new applications and are encouraged to migrate existing applications to use the new XML formatted interface.

The SMS SDK includes the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) files for the new XML formatted interface and the legacy string formatted interface. The WSDL files are used to generate the client side stubs for your application. The SDK also includes XML schema, a sample application, and listings of the supported service models and commands. The SMS Web Service SDK is available for download from the DevConnect portal, under the appropriate AE Services Release Contents topic.


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