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Avaya Aura® AE Services TSAPI

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TSAPI for Communication Manager is a high level C/C++ API based on the Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications I (CSTA I) standard. TSAPI is an abstraction of Communication Manager's proprietary, low level Adjunct Switch Application Interface (ASAI). TSAPI enables access to the full complement of third party call control capabilities provided by Avaya Aura Communication Manager as an evolution server.

These third party call control capabilities include controlling specific calls or stations, complete routing of incoming calls, receiving notifications of events, invoking Communication Manager features, and querying Communication Manager for information.

Examples of these capabilities include:

  • The ability to make, screen, answer, log, transfer, hold, retrieve, divert, conference and drop calls
  • Control and interaction of calls in vector processing, predictive dialing & call classification, or skills-based routing
  • Provide a snapshot of device, including information regarding the calls on the device and the parties on the call
  • Perform logical services such as Agent login/logout
  • Using these capabilities, a variety of applications can be created, including those that screat screen-pop applications for knowledge workers, matching inbound calls with call log entries, voicemails and even emails from the calling party.

The TSAPI Client is available for download from DevConnect portal, under the appropriate AE Services Release Contents topic. DevConnect members can order the TSAPI SDK via the Procurement option. Windows and Linux versions of the Client and SDK are available.

The Client gives applications access to Communication Manager call processing. The SDK provides the tools required to create applications against TSAPI, including API documentation, guides, libraries, scripts, schema and sample applications.

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