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Avaya Aura® AE Services Sample Applications and Tutorials

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TSAPI Sample Applications and Tutorials Index

TSAPI AgentView
AgentView is a GUI-based Windows application which demonstrates functionality exposed through the Avaya Application Enablement (AE) Services' Telephony Services API (TSAPI) service. This includes actions and operations for Agent login/logout, call monitoring, call handling services and more.
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TSAPI Call Routing
The Call Routing sample application is a TSAPI application designed to demonstrate the use of the call routing capabilities of TSAPI in the context of Avaya Application Enablement Services. This rule-based routing sample application registers as the routing server for a routing device. The application routes calls based on the dialed digits from callers.
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TSAPI Conference Transfer
The Conference Transfer sample application is a TSAPI application designed to demonstrate the use of several third party call control capabilities. Using this application users can control their phone set from their PC. Calls can be placed, answered, put on hold, and retrieved from hold. The application can also conference additional parties onto an existing call and transfer a call.
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Avaya Aura TSAPI Application Initialization
This tutorial provides an overview of TSAPI essentials, using code examples to demonstrate how to write a telephony-application for Avaya Aura Communications Manager, using the AE Services TSAPI SDK.
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