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Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services

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Educational Resources

The educational resources listed below are designed to help with your development projects and provide insight into the platform.

Getting Started with Avaya Aura AE Services

Start here if you're new to development with AE Services. This overview will guide you through API selection and the basics of working with AE Services.
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Sample Applications & Tutorials

The DevConnect sample applications and tutorials provide ideas, examples, templates and step-by-step instructions on the installation, configuration and/or use of various AE Services APIs and SDKs, including the DMCC, Web Services and JTAPI SDKs.
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DevConnect Know-how Guides

White Papers


Mastering Device, Media and Call Control using the DMCC Dashboard

This DevConnect eBook is your complete guide to the Avaya DMCC Dashboard, a purpose-built tool for learning the DMCC Service APIs. Step-by-step overviews of the features, usage and benefits of the DMCC Dashboard make it easy to master these capabilities for your own advanced IP communications applications.
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On-line Training Courses

Developing with Avaya Application Enablement Services

A self-paced on-line in-depth training course that covers the TSAPI, DMCC (formerly known as CMAPI), and Web Services interfaces to Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services (AE Services).
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