AE Services Sample Application: TSAPI AgentView

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)

About The Sample Application

AgentView is a GUI-based Windows application which demonstrates functionality exposed through the Avaya Application Enablement (AE) Services' Telephony Services API (TSAPI) service. This includes actions and operations such as:

  • Agent log-in and log-out,
  • Call monitoring,
  • Call handling services such as 'answer' and 'disconnect' offered by the TSAPI Service,
  • Agent state changes using the enablePending feature,
  • Monitoring and display of Agent State (Ready, Not Ready or Busy) and Agent Talk State (Idle or On Call), and
  • Access to additional information such as the state of the Call/Connection and the calling/called extensions (ANI/DNIS).

Target Avaya Platform

  • Avaya Communication Manager 5.0
  • Avaya Application Enablement (AE) Services 4.2
  • AE Services TSAPI Basic License


  • Avaya AE Services Release 4.2 TSAPI SDK
  • Avaya AE Services Release 4.2 TSAPI Client
  • Microsoft .net Framework version 2.0 or later

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