AE Services Tutorial: Call Control using the DMCC Java SDK

Latest Release: 10.1.3 (May 2023)

About This Tutorial

This tutorial outlines the basic steps involved in developing a call control telecommunication application using Avaya Device, Media and Call Control (DMCC) Java SDK. The tutorial covers notifications regarding call activity, answering, originating, conferencing, transferring and disconnecting calls. A written description of each service along with a code snippet for the methods typical use is provided.

Intended Audience

This intermediate-level tutorial is intended for Java developers who have a working knowledge of telecommunications applications and are familiar with the basics of the AE Services DMCC Java SDK. Familiarity with Avaya Communication Manager is beneficial.

Upon completion of this tutorial, the reader should be able to develop telecommunications applications to:

  • Perform basic telephony operations including call origination, call disconnection, call conference, call transfer and call answer.
  • Implement monitors to receive change notifications associated with calls involving a device.


This tutorial assumes that the reader has access to the AE Services DMCC Java SDK and an appropriate runtime environment.

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