Avaya Aura AE Services DMCC Media Stack

The AE Services DMCC Media Stack provides a sample implementation of a client media stack, designed to demonstrate the RTP processing capabilities of the DMCC SDK.

This implementation lacks certain features, such as a jitter buffer and packet re-sequencer, that are normally considered essential for production-grade RTP media stacks. For this reason the AE Services DMCC Media Stack should not be used for production applications that require the handling of "voice" RTP packets.

However, the AE Services DMCC Media Stack is suitable for use with production applications that handle TTY (Teletype) packets transmitted over RTP (with redundancy), within the following limitations imposed by the underlying technology:

  • TTY transmission is slow: the technology limits the typematic rate to five characters per second. If characters are sent too quickly from an application emulating a TTY device, a data overrun is likely to occur. The application may need to buffer the data and allow the Media Stack to consume the characters at the correct rate.
  • The set of characters that can be sent is limited by the Baudot encoding scheme.