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Device, Media, and Call Control (DMCC) APIs

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Development Tools & Configurations

Information about the various tools & configurations for DMCC application development.


A separate Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for each of the DMCC service access methods. The SDKs provide the tools required to create applications against the corresponding service access methods, including API documentation, guides, libraries, scripts, schemas and sample applications, as appropriate. The .NET SDK also includes the DMCC Dashboard tool, a development tool that allows users to exercise and learn the full capabilities of the AE Services DMCC service, regardless of which API they are working with.

The DMCC SDKs are available for download under the appropriate Releases topic.

DMCC Dashboard

The DMCC Dashboard is a .Net application that demonstrates all of the capabilities of the Avaya Aura® AE Services DMCC Service in a single application.
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Development Configurations

Avaya Aura® Application Development Configurations
Development configurations are available to members for purchase through the DevConnect program. The available development configurations are Avaya Aura Basic Development Environment and Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise.
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Remote Labs

Remote Lab: Avaya Aura AE Services & Communication Manager
Accelerate your development cycles and improve your first-pass results for compliance testing by using secure, remote access to the DevConnect Avaya Aura® Application Enablement Services (AE Services) and Communication Manager remote lab.
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Featured Resources

Fact Sheet

Device, Media, and Call Control SDKs product brief (1.12 MB .pdf)
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