Development Tools & Configurations

The following developer tools and configurations are available to help you create solutions using the Avaya IP Deskphones interfaces.


The Avaya IP Deskphone PushSDK enables rapid development of intelligent communications applications that push unsolicited messages to Avaya IP deskphones. The PushSDK contains the client-side Java PushSDK API, associated programmer documentation and several sample applications demonstrating how individual PushSDK API operations can be combined to provide powerful solutions. The PushSDK API generates the Push Initiation requests and message content required by the deskphones' native Push API. Learn more and download the SDK

Application Interface Capabilities Utility

This HTML-based utility enables you to easily find out which Push and Web API capabilities are supported on selected deskphone models and software releases. The utility also allows you to check which deskphone models and software releases support selected Push and Web API capabilities. You can use the utility on-line from this page or download it to your own machine:

Faceplates and Phone Covers for Avaya Deskphones

For information about faceplates and phone covers for Avaya deskphones, including customization, visit the DevConnect Marketplace.

Avaya one-X Deskphone XML Designer

The Deskphone XML Designer provides an intuitive, user-friendly editor to help you create Deskphone and Skin XML files to customize the user interface content and look-and-feel on 96x0 Series SIP deskphones.

Avaya 96xx Series SIP Deskphone Emulators

96x1 and 96x0 Series SIP Deskphone Emulator software can be downloaded and installed on developers machines to test Web API, Push API and Deskphone XML based applications, and to test general telephony functionality.

Deskphone XML Validator and Templates

The Validator enables you to ensure that the Deskphone XML and Skin XML files you create to customize the deskphone user interface are valid and well-formed. The Templates provide sample Deskphone and Skin XML files that you can modify to meet your own requirements.