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Latest Release: J100 SIP (Jan 2023)

96x1 Series SIP Software Release 6.5

Release 6.5 was made generally available in January 2015 and is supported for installation on Avaya 9601, 9608, 9608G, 9611G, 9621G, 9641G, and 9641GS IP deskphones. This is NOT the latest release of SIP software for installation on Avaya 96x1 IP deskphones. The latest release is recommended for new development.

  • SIP 6.5 supports the Push and Web APIs.
  • SIP 6.5 does not support the phonexml push type.
Important The following end of sale and end of support dates have been announced:
Avaya IP Deskphone Models: 9601 Avaya IP Deskphone Models: 9608 Avaya IP Deskphone Models: 9608G, 9611G Avaya IP Deskphone Models: 9621G, 9641G Avaya IP Deskphone Models: 9641GS For all new development, Avaya recommends that developers use the latest available SIP software release.

Features in the new release

For information about compatibility with Avaya Aura, and feature limitations based on Avaya Aura component releases, see the Readme document available under the Downloads - Release Information tab.

New features in SIP 6.5 include:

  • Support for Presence Communication Profile, as defined in Avaya Aura System Manager user management.
  • Improved interworking with Avaya Aura Presence Services, including support of OOD refer.
  • A configurable option has been added to allow the result of the dialing of an FAC code to be stored in the outgoing Call History.

For detailed information about what's new in the release and compatibility with Avaya platforms, see the Readme document, available under the Downloads - Release Information tab.

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